Hi's Eye


It's been said that journalism is the first rough draft of history. If that is the case, then our student newspaper, the Hi's Eye, is the first draft of the history of the Westfield High Class of 1962.

Most of the issues from our senior year have been scanned and are available in pdf format from our class website. Just click on the issue number below. (Use your browsers BACK button to return to this page.) To save a copy of any issue to your computer, right click the issue number and use the "Save to" function.

If the newspaper appears too large in your browser, look for a command to zoom-out (perhaps an image of a magnifying glass with a minus sign (-) on it.

1961-62 Issues of  Westfield Hi's Eye
Sep. 6
Sep. 22
Oct. 6
Oct. 20
Nov. 22
Dec. 22
Jan 12
Jan. 26
Feb. 9
Mar. 2
Mar. 16
[Apr 1]
Apr 13
May 1
May 18
jun 1
Jun 15


If you have copies of the missing issues and are willing to loan them to be scanned, let the webmaster know. Please email webmaster@whs62nj.com.